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As a farmer’s daughter I was part of a working family farm. We were good stewards who respected nature and the land which provided our livelihood. I’m the sixth of nine children (yes, Catholic) who grew up in the American heartland –Nebraska.  I’ve been a school teacher, a law enforcement officer, a mother, and a wife. 

Seminole is the place I have chosen to call home for more than 20 years. I was twice elected Seminole City Councilor and served for six years.   


Both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees are in Political Science, the latter from USF-Tampa, majoring in Comparative Government and Politics. 


Through my government and volunteer community service and my formal education, I believe my life experience will provide insight and critical thinking skills needed during this transformational time of COVID-19. Public health needs, unemployment, and dropping tax revenue will present challenging times in the Florida Legislature.  


2020 marks the centennial of winning women the right to vote. Our lawmakers should reflect Florida's population. This means electing more women–and not just women, but hard-working, principled, compassionate women who can best navigate through this difficult time of pandemic.   


From the dirt roads where I grew up in Nebraska, I have paved my way to a rewarding life in Pinellas County.  Like many people in District #66 I come from a working class family.  I share your values–values which I will bring to Tallahassee as your State House Representative.       


With the health and well-being of Pinellas’ people and its environment in mind, my goal is to put people before politics. I humbly ask for your vote.   


Patricia Plantamura

Candidate for State House, District #66 

Meet Patricia

Patricia Plantamura puts
People Before Politics


Three Issues and a Question

Issue #1: Home Rule

Local government enacting policy for local issues without interference and preemption by state government

Incumbant Nick: Anti-Home Rule

(38 second video)

Interviewer asks Nick, in his Tallahassee office: What legislation are you most proud of? His answer: “HB 5… prevents local governments from raising taxes." He proudly names this bill a “highlight” and shares he will frame and display this anti home rule bill. Listen for yourself.

Patricia Plantamura: Pro-Home Rule

(13 second video)

As a former local elected City Councilor for six years, Patricia is experienced in and acutely aware of the need to protect home rule for cities. Being the government closest to our citizens, local governments respond best to constituent desires. She will work hard to protect home rule.

Issue #2: Environmental Protection

Incumbant Nick

Source: Sierra Club of Florida, April 10, 2020

In 2020, Nick voted against every environmental bill the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club supported, as seen on Sierra Club’s Florida Legislative Score Card.

Patricia Plantamura

Councilor Plantamura served five years on the National League of Cities’ Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee. In the French Embassy in Washington D.C. she was part of the international conference “FOCUS 2015: A Forum of Communities for Urban Sustainability”, this in preparation for COP21 held in Paris. Patricia shares “As a six-year elected City Councilor, I came to understand that a healthy economy and a healthy environment are not mutually exclusive goals.”

(36 second video)

Nick’s website boasts his blind loyalty to President Trump in his red stamp of approval:  “NICK SUPPORTS PRESIDENT TRUMP’S AGENDA”.

When it comes to self-righteous politicians, with blind loyalty to their political party (any party), it’s not the words they profess, it’s what you see them DO. It’s a moral choice to provide for the next generation, at least, what the generation before, provided for US. The difficult job of governing the State of Florida-- with drastically, reduced revenue, due to coronavirus, will necessitate electing people who prioritize the common good. I consider myself, to be such a person.

Patricia Plantamura: People Before Politics

Issue #3: Priorities and Personal Motivation

Incumbant Nick: Blind Loyalty to Political Party

Which candidate better represents you and your priorities? 
The answer is obvious.

Patricia Plantamura puts People Before Politics.

Issues: What's at stake?

 * I stand “fast together” with F.A.S.T., 40+ congregations throughout Pinellas County, working for mental health care and affordable housing. Please join our efforts.  


Proven Leadership

• MentorPinellas County Schools, Osceola and Seminole High Schools, 2015-2020

• Member: St. Matthew, and Justin, Martyr Roman Catholic Churches, 2000-2020

• Sierra Club Member, 2014-2020

• Elected City Councilor, Seminole, Florida, 2009-2015

          ◦ Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee,
            National League of Cities

          ◦ International Committee, National League of Cities

          ◦ Energy and Environmental Quality Committee, Florida League of Cities

          ◦ Urban Administration Committee, Florida League of Cities

          ◦ International Relations Committee, Florida League of Cities

• Graduate: USF-Tampa 2013: Masters Degree in Political Science:
            Major: Comparative Government and Politics; International Studies

• School Teacher: Pinellas and Hillsborough County Schools

• Graduate: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA (Immigration)

• Graduate: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Citizens Academy, 2015

• Graduate: 12-week, Pinellas County Citizen University, 2011

• Condominium Board Officer: Bardmoor and Imperial Point communities

• City of Seminole, Charter Review Board Member


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Patricia Plantamura for Florida State House #66
10013 118th Way

Seminole, FL 33772


Thanks for getting to know me and my priorities. 


Please VOTE–as soon as you can. Here's a tip:  Once the system updates after you’ve voted, political telephone calls and emails soliciting your vote should stop.  


I humbly ask for your vote. 


Stay healthy.

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